What is ELDOA™?

I feel very humbled to have been personally chosen by Osteopath Guy VOYER, DO as one of only 20 internationally to be an ELDOA™ teacher trainer, to help spread the method worldwide. My passion for ELDOA™ is rooted in the fact that it can change bodies so profoundly, thereby increasing our wellbeing and really just make things right. Given these exercises as a tool, people now have the ability to become their own therapists.

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Brain Loss

How Pilates and ELDOA™ Helps Your Brain Function

When you think about how technology has flooded our everyday lives over the last number of years, it’s helped make our tasks more effective and exciting, but it’s also made a stark increase in the number of sedentary jobs and activities that steal our hours. And with that huge increase in sitting and screen time comes a massive decrease in physical movement – which is a key contributor in our cognitive decline.

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Benefits to Pilates

10 Surprising Benefits to Pilates

This refreshing mind-body workout doesn’t just improve your core strength and flexibility; it has a wealth of benefits that under the surface that you might not realize!

Pilates is a universally beneficial exercise for people of all ages and body types. It has increasingly grown into a mainstream practice that is integral to your health and well-being, and is even being recognized by professional athletes that are taking preventative measures to protect their bodies from the wear and tear of their respective sports.

Here are 10 surprising ways that Pilates can benefit your health, strength, posture and your positive outlook on life.

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Why Professional Athletes do ELDOA™ and Pilates

We always think professional athletes are in outstanding condition, and while they are unequivocally in great shape – their bodies take an absolute beating from the rigours of training and competition. Ask any athlete and they will tell you it’s really all about the prolonging the longevity of their career, not just improving their performance, but keeping them free of injury and helping their body heal quicker if they do get hurt.

In today’s modern sports landscape, professional athletes understand that their competition is as fierce as ever, with incredible demands for them to perform every single day. It’s why we as the audience are so amazed with how they can handle this intense pressure bearing down on them, having the constant spotlight always shining, and the incredible toll that being a modern athlete can do to you mentally and physically.

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Foot Pain

Are We Taking The Health of our Feet for Granted?

Did you know there are over 7,000 nerve endings in each foot? Did you also know that your feet could affect what’s going on in other areas of your body? We rely on our feet to provide so much for us, and we ultimately forget about them and take our feet for granted.

If there is improper biomechanics of your foot, then your knee is going to react in a certain way, which will trickle up into the pelvis, and if your pelvis is out of alignment then your spine will be the next and your shoulders will then feel the wrath. With that being said, it’s not always black and white – but there is definitely a correlation between foot pain and pain that ripples throughout your body.

If your foot alignment is out, you typically won’t really know this unless a professional tells you or if there is noticeable pain. So if there’s no pain, then we are usually surprised that the foot is out of alignment.

“There are two things you need to invest in – a good pair of shoes and a good mattress.”

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Man with neck and back pain. Man rubbing his painful back close up. Pain relief concept

Back Pain is an Epidemic of the Modern World

It is estimated that 85 to 90% of people will suffer from back pain at some time during their lives.

In this hyper-connected world we live in where increasing demands, high cost of living and jobs that requires sitting for hours on end are taxing our body’s nervous system, back pain is the second most common reason people visit their family doctors. 

There are two broad categories that can impact back pain, stress and anxiety is one, or it could be a functional issue – like a herniated disk, osteoarthritis or an inflammatory disease.

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Stress and Anxiety: The Twin Thieves That Rob Us of Peace

Our lives have become so fast-paced keeping up with economic demands and growing responsibilities that it’s no wonder that an estimated 8.3 million American adults suffer from serious psychological distress – and I’m sure the Canadian stats are compatible! Stress causes anxiety and anxiety leads to feeling stressed – so they are definitely interconnected in many ways.

What are the Physiological Effects of Stress?

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What to Expect From the ELDOA™ Course

Teaching the ELDOA™ course has been so rewarding. This form of exercise can change bodies so profoundly because people now have the ability to become their own therapists – taking their health into their own hands.

What I’ve noticed from teaching the ELDOA™ course is that when everyone starts to experience it in their own body, their demeanour starts to change, people start getting more relaxed and excited to learn more – and the energy in the room is quite remarkable.

With all the phenomenal feedback that I get from the training, I thought it might help to provide a detailed breakdown as to what this course is about.

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Ten years paper confetti sign.

10 Years – Sphinx Pilates!

The decision to open Sphinx was, although a natural progression, very daunting at the time. As with every new endeavor there were fears and stressors. Over the past ten years (wow 10 yrs) I’m happy to say it has turned into a space I feel proud of! It’s a place for people who value expert instruction with smaller more intimate classes.

The area has slowly changed and developed and so has Sphinx Pilates – We’ve expanded into the world of ELDOA. We are one of the first studios in Toronto to offer this revolutionary exercise method for back health. And I have been selected as one of twenty instructors by Guy Voyer to certify ELDOA teachers worldwide, an honor. One never knows where life will take you…and your studio.

I have been very lucky to connect with caring, passionate, respectful teachers (Jill Wheeler, Cindy Willems, Aliesha Wright, Milena Roglic, Danisa Misaljevic, Julia Male, Paluna Santamaria, Riikka Wilson) who are in their own right very accomplished and it is an honor to work together with them at Sphinx. We’re down to earth, real and honest.

We’re all about helping others feel better in their own body and [absolutely] having fun doing it – because life can be tough on our body, and mind.

The little studio with great energy and AWESOME clients.

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Introducing…ELDOA™ Talks

YouTube scares me. Especially when it comes to teaching the ELDOAs. You can find a few of the poses online already sure but does that mean you are doing them correctly? Does that mean you’re really getting the most benefit? Does that mean you’re practicing 

Probably not! 

The ELDOAs are so specific that before taking on your own practice you need a trained instructor giving you visual and hands-on feedback, guiding you to the ultimate position so you can achieve the decoaptation (space) creation that is the key to the success of the method. 

This is what brought me to the concept of ELDOA™ Talks: a virtual space where I am using the experiences of others to highlight ELDOA™, while still promoting safe practice by encouraging viewers into studios to experience it for themselves.  

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