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Why I Became an ELDOA™ Teacher Trainer

I’m a believer. I’ve got to spread the word. From the first moment I met Guy VOYER, DO, the renowned Osteopath who created ELDOA™, I have been deeply inspired. He has created a form of exercise that can change bodies so profoundly people now have the ability to become their own therapists, taking their health into their own hands.

I have worked with Guy VOYER, DO directly and began feeling the profound effect on my body and mind right from the beginning. The more I learned, the more I knew I had to be a part of his process of helping people. Guy’s true purpose is to help people become well. As an osteopath he treats with his own hands and has used his genius to devise a multitude of tools to help other practitioners heal others. I still smile to myself when remembering how humbled he was when I told him in person how brilliant and profound I thought ELDOA™ was. He must have sensed my passion, because he chose me as one of only 20 internationally to become an ELDOA™ teacher trainer.

(Please see upcoming ELDOA™ teacher training courses in Toronto HERE)

ELDOA™ has heightened the Pilates practice of every client in my studio. Your spine aligns itself more naturally, is less restricted, and you can move more safely. On a fascial level, ELDOA™ targets specific areas/levels of the spine, hips and shoulders, creating traction to free adhesions in the tissues. You can feel your back muscles in more detail. You can get length with less effort.

I have a client who has chronic back pain due to spondylosis (which is a deterioration of the intervertebral discs). Since she started weekly ELDOA™ classes she has been able to manage her pain. She smiles a lot more now ;) Another client has chronic back pain due to stenosis (a narrowing of the spinal canal which puts pressure on the nerves) also has relief because she comes to weekly classes.

The effectiveness of ELDOA™ is unmatched. I feel very confident in proclaiming it the next big trend in back health. No other exercise method provides the means for an extreme contraction of the spinal musculature. This extreme contraction is the key to creating the traction like “space” in the spine, helping it withstand the effects of gravity.

Word is spreading throughout the health industry and it is extremely exciting to see. We’re developing momentum; ELDOA™ is too powerful a tool not to share. I am honoured to be a part of something I believe in so deeply.

Please take a few minutes (if you have them) to watch this video of Guy VOYER, DO talking about the meaning and history of ELDOA™






PETRA BAETHMANN | Owner Sphinx Pilates + ELDOA™


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