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The One Thing You Can Do To Help Your Anxiety Today


I am no stranger to anxiety, like most of us. For me, anxious states can last for a period of a few days. My breathing quickens, becomes uneven and shallow, restricted to merely my shoulders and neck. I get incredibly tense, I start to feel hot, especially in my face. My posture mirrors how I feel emotionally. My shoulders and upper back round forward and that makes taking deep calming breaths even more challenging. My body begins to feel achy and tight everywhere.

A solid ELDOA™ practice has become my lifeline in these times. It gives me a deep sense of calmness and clarity. When I complete just a few ELDOAs as soon as I stand up I’m prevented from going back into the shoulders rounded forward position which is my habit (by work and thoughts). The exercises have worked my back/spinal muscles so deeply that I am being supported from the back of my body and stand with width across my chest.

ELDOA™ is an intense mind powered exercise technique that not a lot of people know about yet. It is a series of poses that uses the strength of your entire body to create and maintain internal space. There is a different pose for each level of your spine, your hips, your shoulders, your knees, all performed with the purpose of stretching you from the inside out and developing the strength to maintain it. And when I say strength, I mean more than in the typical one muscle at a time way. ELDOA™ works your body in chains (of connective tissue).

Connective tissue is the link between every single one of your muscles, it runs around, through and between them, and links them to bone. Even more than that, connective tissue reaches the deepest level of your constitution, it surrounds all the nerves and organs in your body. Visualize a catsuit that runs through you to the deepest layer and all over ever inch of your skin including your face. Each ELDOA™ pose forces this catsuit to grow and expand more than you thought possible. And for me, when I release out of a pose I feel this amazing ‘whoosh’ of fluid or energy flow throughout me on every level.

This sensation is unlike anything I have ever felt before, the benefits run deeper. This is the reason why I became a teacher trainer of the method, one of only 20 worldwide (see details about ELDOA level 1 certification HERE).  ELDOA™ opens up the nerve pathways that connect your entire body. It forces fluid into your tissues on a cellular level. Your proprioception increases dramatically and you can sense your body in space, and from within, more specifically. You are able to get a deep sense of release in areas we tend to hold a lot of emotional and physical tension: the pelvis, the ribcage behind the heart and lungs, the neck. After a session you will be able to breath more fully, stand taller without trying to, feel less physical pain and find emotional release in areas of stress held far too long.

I feel more deeply connected to my body physically and emotionally. Like my mind understands how they are one. From the very first class I attended, I was aware that ELDOA™ affected my body and mind on a very deep level. When I left, everything around me was vivid. It’s a sensation of being in tune on a deeper level, and that brought me a sense of true happiness. It is so empowering to know that I am able to recreate this sensation whenever I feel anxiety mounting. When I get home at night and I lie down against the wall and complete the ELDOA™ pose that opens up my lower back (L5/S1) the stress of the day dissolves within just 1 minute.  I am rejuvenated and often get a second wind. My face is often overcome by “the smile of peace” (maybe I should coin that!).

ELDOA™ has enriched my life on all fronts.  I sleep more deeply.  Feel more refreshed.   And what’s more important, I have a foolproof tool I can draw on whenever anxiety mounts.







PETRA BAETHMANN | Owner Sphinx Pilates + ELDOA™


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  1. / ReplyDave
    I seem to have heightened feelings of stress and anxiety since I started doing ELDOA poses a few weeks ago. Is this coincidental or can it cause these problems as well as relieve them? I think ELDOA has really helped me with head/neck/shoulders/back pain - so I hate to give it up... David in Colorado
    • / Replypilatesmaster
      David I am just reading your comment now - june 19th - I apologize as I missed it! You know, years ago a participant in a course said that doing ELDOA at night "revs up"his nervous system and he can't sleep...I was amazed, but it taught me that everyone is different and the ELDOA will effect everyone differently depending on what is going on in the body. the ELDOA wasn't wrong for that person, he just had to do do them during the day. This being said, I think it is very interesting that you are experiencing heightened feelings of stress and anxiety - maybe sitting still and holding and breathing in a specific position is agitating something within you. I would suggest a few things - ease into the intensity of the movement (don't work too hard at reaching and stretching), then also try to just "be" with these feelings and observe them and don't fight them and find your breath - it's most important. hope this helps...Petra

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