Corrective exercise for your body

Pilates helps you find your core support and move your body in a functional, natural, pain-free way at any age, well into your 90s.

Who is Joseph Pilates?


Core Muscle Awareness

Think of your abdomen as a cylindrical container, where the pelvic floor is the bottom and the diaphragm is the lid. Your abdominal muscles wrap around from the front to meet your back muscles, providing support for your spine. Pilates helps you find those small muscles that live inside the core, supporting bones and larger muscles. Combining deep breathing with a mindful connection to those muscles, Pilates helps you create awareness of muscular control at a very deep level. Your mind controls your muscles. This means that you learn to control movement from the center of your body. You will be able to control your arms and legs from the center of your body. You will move from a deeper you.


Pilates is often thought of as “re-wiring” your body. Pilates re-educates your body to move in a more aligned, natural way by helping you find your deep postural and support muscles and using them correctly for the purpose of alignment. Through Pilates work, you will move your body more efficiently and decrease the chances of injuring yourself. That’s because, as they say, “everything is connected.” A pain in your neck could indicate a misalignment in another part of your body. When one area of the body is weak or disconnected, the entire body will react. Wake up your body and learn to how to move to avoid (or rehabilitate) shoulder, back, knee or foot pain by practicing Pilates.


What makes Pilates so rehabilitative at Sphinx?

  1. Comprehensive instruction and guidance in a safe environment
  2. Therapeutic modifications of exercises
  3. Instructors are educated in anatomy and movement bio-mechanics of the body
  4. A focus on the deepest postural muscle connection
  5. A focus on finding internal support for the body
  6. Helping you reconnect to muscles you couldn’t find
  7. Close observation of movements executed in the correct way – with precision
  8. We work closely with health professionals (Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Acupuncturists)
  9. We focus on the whole body
  10. We are accessible and approachable



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Pilates Group Mat Classes

At Sphinx Pilates, we keep class sizes small (max. 4 students) to make sure everyone gets individual attention from the instructor. Our tailored approach to group classes allows us to observe and monitor your movement as you progress – something that is not always possible in larger classes.

All of our Pilates group mat classes are based on the classical repertoire developed by Joseph Pilates. Because every body is different, we adapt exercises to work within a person’s limitations so that, eventually, those limitations become strengths. When you participate in one of our group mat classes, you will find that Pilates not only builds strength and support – it can be fun!

We teach a modern interpretation of the classical exercises using props such as foam rollers, Thera-Bands®, pilates rings and balls of varying sizes to assist with your movement or provide you with more resistance and challenge. Who knew a beach ball could make you stronger?

At Sphinx Pilates, there’s something for everyone and everyone leaves with something.

Core Precision

This class will work your whole body with the emphasis being on the core. Movements will be prescribed at a slower pace in order to enable you to connect to the right muscles & will focus on precision & detail. Positions may be held and even pulsed to challenge and increase your strength. (all levels)

Matwork Level I & Level II

Continue to develop your core strength and awareness in these classes. The exercises begin to flow from one to another while working the whole body. New exercises and props are introduced to challenge your stability and assist in finding a deeper connection.

Matwork Level III

This far more challenging class offers a full range of intermediate and advanced exercises for those who are ready! Complex movements and sequences are given to ensure you remain challenged and enthused.

Private Pilates Classes

Whether you prefer practicing alone or in a group, are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, private lessons allow you to have your own personal instruction. Our highly qualified instructors will design a program specifically to your needs. We work with you to ensure you move your body correctly to obtain maximum benefits and efficiency and progress throughout the Pilates repertoire. A private session is all about you.

You can use private sessions to

  • Take your practice to the next level
  • Rehabilitate a past injury
  • Improve your overall athletic performance
  • Get an introduction to Pilates in a safe environment
  • Experience movement on the Pilates Apparatus

Our studio contains a Reformer, a Cadillac, a Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector and a Baby Arc. All of our private sessions will involve using one or more of these. The Equipment is used during private sessions only.


”Starter” Session

Whether your goal is mat and/or private classes, or you’re not sure where to begin – start your journey here. This initial session will introduce you to the Pilates work and our approach. Including a posture analysis, the Starter Private will show you your strengths and weaknesses, and provide a focus to work towards in further privates and/or group classes.

Rehabilitation Sessions

The one-on-one aspect of private sessions is ideal for post-rehabilitation of a past or re-occurring injury. The Pilates apparatus are geared towards rehab purposes providing support when needed and incremental challenge when the time is right. All our instructors are passionate about the vast potential Pilates has to offer the rehab spectrum. 

Private sessions are available Monday to Saturday. Contact the studio to book your private session.