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Introducing…ELDOA™ Talks

YouTube scares me. Especially when it comes to teaching the ELDOAs. You can find a few of the poses online already sure but does that mean you are doing them correctly? Does that mean you’re really getting the most benefit? Does that mean you’re practicing 

Probably not! 

The ELDOAs are so specific that before taking on your own practice you need a trained instructor giving you visual and hands-on feedback, guiding you to the ultimate position so you can achieve the decoaptation (space) creation that is the key to the success of the method. 

This is what brought me to the concept of ELDOA™ Talks: a virtual space where I am using the experiences of others to highlight ELDOA™, while still promoting safe practice by encouraging viewers into studios to experience it for themselves.  

It’s a more personal experience. When you listen to someone talking it can be much more poignant than just reading rave reviews. It provides you with more depth.  You’ll get to feel like you are actually meeting people, having a conversation with them along side me. It’s honest and candid… my style ;) 

And safe. 

It’s my goal to produce regular episodes (monthly if possible).  You’ll learn a heck of alot about ELDOA™ and why it works.  We will touch on specific issues and how ELDOA™ can help. We’ll discuss the ELDOA™ certification courses that I offer in Toronto and what you can learn from them.  You’ll  hear/see industry leaders including fitness experts and renowned therapists weighing in on ELDOA™ treatment and exercise plans, as well as clients with experiences that should be shared.   

In my first episode of ELDOA™ Talks we look at what ELDOA™ can do for you and your clients.  My guests Jane Clapp, Paul Jackson and Eden Haugland have lots to say about this month’s topic.  I loved hearing about their interpretations of what ELDOA™ is, how they are using it.   

I spend so much time as a business owner reaching out to people by aptly describing what I do and how it can help, it was inspiring to have others say it in new enticing ways.  Have a watch! 


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