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Meditation for your spine

ELDOA is a revolutionary stretching and strengthening technique for the spine and joints of the body. The ELDOAs, developed by French Osteopath Dr. Guy Voyer, target every level of your spine to decompress and normalize the tension around each vertebrae. The result is renewed strength and balance throughout your body and better posture! (postural normalization). 

healthy discs | happy back | calm mind

*ELDOA is a French acronym: Etirements Longitudinaux Decoaptation Osteo-Articulaire (English: Longitudinal Stretching of the Osteo Articular joints)

                                       “Brilliant” and “Profound” 

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Is ELDOA right for you?

As you age gravity pulls you down and forward if our spinal structure is not aligned. What if you could keep yourself aligned and healthy at any age and BEAT GRAVITY. You can with the ELDOA Method.

It’s all about joint ‘de-coaptation’ – the ungluing of a compressed joint, which means less pressure on the joints of your spine & pelvis. The result is back pain relief, a re-hydration of spinal discs, a decrease of arthritic and neurological conditions, an increase in well-being and a self-induced calmness of the mind and body. If you want to avoid surgery, ELDOAs are one of the BEST tools to have.

ELDOA will help you to

  • stay healthy, improve your athletic performance, breathe better, age well
  • stop suffering from back, neck, abdominal discomfort, poor posture
  • improve your golf swing, tennis arm, basketball throw
  • fix slow digestion, battle depression, lack of energy, general malaise
  • avoid surgery to your spine, hips, knees, battle sciatica, help with arthritis in your hips or spine


You may be surprised how important it is for you to experience this method.

Good-bye Back Pain!

Keep your back in line & your mind clear
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When we stretch the fascia that surrounds all the muscles, organs and nerves in our body restrictions are freed and a calm, balanced feeling takes over.

ELDOAs have a calming effect on the nervous system. You experience a sense of elation, a clarity in your eyes and mind. Dare we say ELDOA is meditation for those who cannot sit still.

Within the action you will find the stillness.

Private and Semi-Sessions

Work one-on-one with us and focus on your specific needs, develop a home program, target areas of concern.

Group Classes

At Sphinx the ELDOA group classes are small – 4 people max – this provides you with lots of hands-on feedback and exercises that are tailored to your body with extra attention to help you work at your best in a safe way.

Dr. Guy Voyer – history of ELDOA



ELDOA has changed my life… my knees and feet have become stable and supportive, my back no longer aches… a gently profound experience.
Mimi M.

I simply LOVE Eldoa. I feel a genuine deep stretch all the way into my core, really almost like deep body tissue maintenance. My Muscles feel more toned, my posture is better, my neck is stronger. Definitely recommend it.
Deb F.

I spread the gospel of ELDOA to everyone I know. I’m hooked – huge difference in my mobility. It has literally changed my life.
Renee d.

“I feel as though this practice is a way of life not just an exercise method. I have more energy and I feel more aligned.” – Danisa M.

“So excited by the content and how it is changing me personally. Will be great to introduce to clients” – Eden H.

“I love ELDOAS!!!! Can’t wait to learn more. I am using them everyday they are helping me a lot” – Simone V.