The One Thing You Can Do To Help Your Anxiety Today


I am no stranger to anxiety, like most of us. For me, anxious states can last for a period of a few days. My breathing quickens, becomes uneven and shallow, restricted to merely my shoulders and neck. I get incredibly tense, I start to feel hot, especially in my face. My posture mirrors how I feel emotionally. My shoulders and upper back round forward and that makes taking deep calming breaths even more challenging. My body begins to feel achy and tight everywhere.

A solid ELDOA practice has become my lifeline in these times. It gives me a deep sense of calmness and clarity. When I complete just a few ELDOAs as soon as I stand up I’m prevented from going back into the shoulders rounded forward position which is my habit (by work and thoughts). The exercises have worked my back/spinal muscles so deeply that I am being supported from the back of my body and stand with width across my chest.

ELDOA is an intense mind powered exercise technique that not a lot of people know about yet. It is a series of poses that uses the strength of your entire body to create and maintain internal space. There is a different pose for each level of your spine, your hips, your shoulders, your knees, all performed with the purpose of stretching you from the inside out and developing the strength to maintain it. And when I say strength, I mean more than in the typical one muscle at a time way. ELDOA works your body in chains (of connective tissue).

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