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10 Years – Sphinx Pilates!

The decision to open Sphinx was, although a natural progression, very daunting at the time. As with every new endeavor there were fears and stressors. Over the past ten years (wow 10 yrs) I’m happy to say it has turned into a space I feel proud of! It’s a place for people who value expert instruction with smaller more intimate classes.

The area has slowly changed and developed and so has Sphinx Pilates – We’ve expanded into the world of ELDOA. We are one of the first studios in Toronto to offer this revolutionary exercise method for back health. And I have been selected as one of twenty instructors by Guy Voyer to certify ELDOA teachers worldwide, an honor. One never knows where life will take you…and your studio.

I have been very lucky to connect with caring, passionate, respectful teachers (Jill Wheeler, Cindy Willems, Aliesha Wright, Milena Roglic, Danisa Misaljevic, Julia Male, Paluna Santamaria, Riikka Wilson) who are in their own right very accomplished and it is an honor to work together with them at Sphinx. We’re down to earth, real and honest.

We’re all about helping others feel better in their own body and [absolutely] having fun doing it – because life can be tough on our body, and mind.

The little studio with great energy and AWESOME clients.

A huge thank you, dear clients, friends, for your dedication and intention to live a good life and allow us to be part of your life, your journey in health.

Hey it’s our 10 year anniversary – 10 years and going strong! So exciting.

My motto for the past decade and going forward:

“The little studio that CAN…make a difference!”

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Come Celebrate: 10 Year Anniversary Cocktail Party! Friday, October 21st 5-7pm “Cinq a Sept”- RSVP or just drop by!






PETRA BAETHMANN | Owner Sphinx Pilates + ELDOA


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